We live in Kerken, a pretty city at the Niederrhein, situated between the Netherlands (Venlo) and Düsseldorf. Our home is shared with the feline friends and they are all free to roam around the house and of course sleep on the beds. We have a safety cat run, where the cats have access to fresh air and the outside world.

- our home -

- Wolfgang with Smilla (in loving memory)

... and Ines -

- Hungarian Luzy (Havaneser) -

- Hope von Weinreich (Dachshund) -

We first was introduced to this wonderful breed back in 1996 when we looking for a kitten. A visit to a local breeder confirmed this was the cat for us. Luckily she has a litter of four kittens. She has one male kitten left, that was exactly what we wanted and we visited him regularly, until he became old enough to come and live with us.

Encouraged by our breeder, we took our new kitten to his first show and he won a price as a young adult. Showing can be fun, but only if the cats enjoy it too as not all of them do and it may be better to leave them at home. It is a great way of meeting other cat minded people and there are usually lots of interesting things to buy in the show hall.

Another Norwegian Forest Cat later, we decided we would like to know what it was like to have a litter of kittens. It was one of the nicest experiences we have had, and this is how the story began ...

Our new and safety cat run, with a direct connection to our house, was built in August 2015 by:

Many thanks to Hans Rutte and Team for this perfect work "Aluminium Catrun"!

We have now been breeding NFC´s for approximately seventeen years. Our aim is to breed just a few loving and healthy kittens each year that represent the best qualities in this beautiful, natural breed and that all of our kittens go to live in happy homes with owners who share these same sentiments.

Here are some more impressions around our home:

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