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Since this is the last litter of our wonderful tomcat "Boogy'Pimp Groove Armada" in our cattery, we named the kittens after the disco, funk and house group "Groove Armada"

We are very grateful to his breeders, the cattery "Groove Armada", that we could win their trust eleven years ago and to welcome this unique tomcat in our cattery. So once again a big thank you to Krzysztof Kaliciński und Mirek Skotarczyk!

Boogy'Pimp is not only an impressive cat from his outward appearance, he is a lovely goblin who loves to cuddle extensively. He never shows any aggressive traits towards humans or the cat lady world; from time to time he confronts his "competitors", but fairly rare. Even it was not an easy decision to take this outstanding male out of breeding, but it was time to send him with his eleven years into the well-deserved retirement.

We are happy about his wonderful offspring during all these years and all we can say: "Boogy'Pimp (called: Mutschelmann), our darling" enjoy your well-earned retirement!


 d.o.b. 29th of April 2020

Mom: NL*Develey´s Wholy Holy
Blue Tabby classic/white (NFO a 09 22)

HCM normal - PKD free
GSD IV n/n free - PK Def. n/n free

Dad: PL*Boogy'Pimp Groove Armada
Black Tabby classic/white (NFO n 09 22)

HCM normal - PKD free
GSD IV n/n free - PK Def. n/n free





Tom Findlay

(NFO n 09)
Andy Cato

(NFO n 09)
spoken for
Neneh Cherry

Black Tabby classic/white
(NFO n 03 22)

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8 weeks
10 weeks

Detailed Explanation of the Status:

option Someone is interested in our kitten, but nothing decided yet (temporary reservation). Enquiries are still welcome! 
booked The reservation is confirmed by a contract and a non refundable deposit.
adopted The kitten lives happy with the new owner.


Our kittens are raised in our home with lots of love and used to the everyday hustle and bustle of a home. We handle them every day to ensure that they are well socialized with adults and children, and we introduce them to our other cats and our dog, so that they are confident when they go to their new homes. Our kittens are ready for their new homes at around 16 weeks of age. They will then be vet checked and  fully vaccinated, (cat flu, enteritis and leukemia or rabies). They are also wormed several times and Micro-chipped. Our kittens are registered in an official cat club and get a certified five generation Pedigree. An information booklet will also be provided. When the time comes each kitten will pack it's bag with food, treats, toys  and lots of love and cuddles.

All new owners are expected to sign a contract with us to agree the kitten's future welfare.

If at anytime there is a change in circumstances resulting in the kitten/cat needing to be re-homed, we ask that it be returned to us.



We welcome inquiries from prospective owners who are interested in making a Forest cat part of their family.

We do not sell kittens over the internet or ship to people we did not meet personally.

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